Guidelines for Preparation of Free Oral Presentations

  1. Presentations should be made using MS PowerPoint (file extension .ppt or .pptx) format.
  2. All presentations should be in LANDSCAPE format and size: on screen 4:3 ratio

(10 inches x 7.5 inches)

  1. Each presentation will be limited to 12 minutes followed by 3 minutes for questions.

Please hand in the soft copy of your presentation to the session coordinator/help desk at the venue 6-24 hours prior to the scheduled presentation.

If you wish to email, please email to [email protected]

Guidelines for Preparation of Posters

A printed copy of your poster has to be fixed to the display board provided at the venue.

  1. The display board for each poster will be 45 inches high and 45 inches wide.
  2. The Title, Names of Author/s, and their affiliation should be indicated at the top of the poster.
  3. The lettering of the title should be at least 3 cm high and the name/s of author/s and their institutional affiliations should be at least 2 cm high.
  4. The text and illustration of the poster should be readable from a distance of about 1 m (font size: minimum 20 pt). Use upper and lower case for general content, as all –capital text is difficult to read. Avoid using mixture of fonts.
  5. Make sure to correctly reference any images that you use. Tables and charts should be labeled properly in order to enhance the visibility.
  6. Accessories to mount the posters will be available at the registration desk.
  7. Posters should be displayed all 3 days and presenting author should be available during the breaks of day 1 of the congress (8th November 2017)

Guidelines for Preparation of e-Posters

  1. Poster should fit to a size 42 inch 1080p monitor
    • Width – 15 inches Height – 8.4 inches
    • Margins (safe zone) – 0.5 inches on all slides
    • Ratio 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
    • Orientation – Landscape
    • Poster Format – .ppt, .pptx or .JPEG
  2. Include the EP number on the top right hand corner of the poster (Font: size 18, Bold)
  3. Should not exceed three slides (excluding the title slide) and arrange the content as background, objectives, method, results, conclusion (acknowledgment, if applicable)
  4. Should follow two column format conveniently dividing the sections as background, objectives, method, results, conclusion
  5. You can use multimedia content showing animations, simulations and etc.
  6. Send you e-poster to [email protected] on or before 3rd of November 2017

General formatting Guidelines

Use the following formatting to prepare your presentation

  • Font – Arial, Calibri
  • Title Text – Minimum font size 40pt
  • Headings/Sub-headings – Minimum font size 36pt
  • Layout – Landscape orientation
  • Hyperlinks – Not allowed
  • Audio – Not supported
  • Images format – High resolution in .tiff, .gif, .jpeg and .bmp
  • Slide Transitions – No effects between slides nor text/images transition within slides